Probation in Macomb County

If you are convicted of crime in Macomb County, you will undoubtedly be sentenced to a period of Probation in Macomb County whether or not the court imposes any period of incarceration. The only exception would be where the Court imposes the maximum allowable jail sentence.

What is Probation in Macomb County?

Probation in Macomb County is when an offender is excused or released from detention for a specific period of time following conviction and must remain on good behavior while adhering to specific conditions.

What is the Purpose of Probation in Macomb County?

Courts typically grant probation for first-time offenders of misdemeanor crimes in lieu of serving time in jail. Probation in Macomb County has several purposes. It allows the offender to avoid jail time while being rehabilitated and ostensibly protects society from further criminal activity by the offender. It also allows the offender to maintain employment and continue with family responsibilities so that he or she may remain a productive member of society.

Probation in Macomb County
Macomb County Courts 
Macomb County Courts

How Do I Get Sentenced to Probation in Macomb County In Lieu of Jail Time?

Probation in Macomb County is not a right, but rather a privilege in Michigan. Most judges believe that a sentence of probation in lieu of jail time is lenient. Their decision to sentence Probation in Macomb County rather than jail time typically is influenced by several factors. A few of these factors may include:

  • The offender’s past criminal history
  • Whether the offender adhered to bond conditions during the pending charge
  • The nature of the charge and whether it is a misdemeanor or felony
  • A pre-sentence interview report prepared by the probation department prior to the date of sentencing
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Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can advocate on your behalf for a sentence that includes Probation in Macomb County rather than jail time can also lead to a favorable outcome. A compelling sentencing memorandum is an important tool to be used by counsel as part of the overall defense strategy in a case.

Can I Be Sentenced to Both Jail Time and Probation in Macomb County?

In some cases, an offender may be sentenced to a term of incarceration followed by a term of Probation. For example, a person convicted of OWI Third Offense may be sentenced to sixty days in the county jail and two years probation. The period of probation will vary based upon the initial period of incarceration imposed by the Court.

What Will My Conditions of Probation Be

Conditions of Probation differ based upon a variety of factors such as the charge, the judge, and prior criminal history including specifically, but not exclusively, any prior offenses.

Typical conditions of probation include:

  • You must remain employed, in school, or actively seeking full time employment
  • No possessing of a firearm
  • Submit to random or scheduled drug or alcohol testing
  • Do not possess, consume, or be around places where alcohol is sold and to be consumed on the premises
  • Attend substance abuse counseling
  • Attend a Victim Impact Panel
  • Pay all court costs and fines, including probation oversight fees
  • Community service
  • Obey all local, state and federal laws
  • Report any official police contact
  • Report any changes in address or employment
  • No leaving the state without permission
  • Attend substance abuse or alcohol abuse support groups

Who Sets Probation Conditions and Who Do I Report To?

The Judge in your case will set the terms and conditions of your Probation in Macomb County. You will then be assigned to a probation officer who you will monitor your probation. Meetings with your probation officer are typically on a monthly basis.

How Long Will My Probation in Macomb County Last?

The period of probation is dependent upon several factors such as the judge, the charge and past criminal history. Commonly the period of probation for a first criminal offense is one year. Some judges will consider early discharge from probation where the offender has been completely compliant and completed all of the terms imposed by the Court as part of the Judgment of Sentence.

How Do I Complete Probation in Macomb County Successfully?

It is important that you complete your Probation in Macomb County successfully to avoid jail time or an extension of your probation period.

Some of the ways that will help you complete Probation successfully are:

Make sure that you are aware of all of your probation conditions.
Keep a log of each time you test for alcohol or drugs.
Retain the receipt for payment from each testing.
Avoid individuals with a criminal history.
Avoid places where criminal activity may be taking place.
Complete all classes, counseling and community service as soon as possible.
Show up to all of your appointments with your probation officer on time.
Always be respectful to your probation officer.
Pay all fines, court costs, and probation oversight fees as soon as possible or at least timely.

What Happens if I Violate My Probation in Macomb County?

If you violate any of the conditions of your Probation, the probation officer will report it to the Judge who will most likely schedule a probation violation hearing. Attorneys refer to the procedure as a VOP which stands for violation of probation. You have the right to and should retain an attorney to represent you at the VOP.

Some of the most commons Probation violations are:  testing positive for drugs or alcohol, failure to appear for testing, missing an appointment with the probation officer, being convicted of a new crime, or failing to pay fines and costs.

If you are found guilty of violating your Probation, there are several penalties that you may face. Just a few possible penalties can include the judge sentencing you to jail time, an extension of your probation, and/or new conditions being added to your probation.

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