What is Retail Fraud in Michigan?

Michigan Law defines retail fraud otherwise known as shoplifting under MCL 600.2953 as follows:

  • While a store is open to the public, alters, transfers, removes and replaces, conceals, or otherwise misrepresents the price at which property is offered for sale, with the intent not to pay for the property or to pay less than the price at which the property is offered for sale;
  • While a store is open to the public, steals property of the store; or
  • With intent to defraud, obtains or attempts to obtain money or property from the store as a refund or exchange for property that was not paid for and belongs to the store.
Michigan Retail Fraud Attorney

What are the penalties for a Retail Fraud charge?

An individual charged with retail fraud in Michigan may not only face criminal charges, but may also be ordered to pay restitution if convicted. The penalties for a conviction vary greatly and depending on the value of the item(s). It is important that you contact an experience criminal defense attorney to discuss the circumstances of your charge.

What should you do if you are facing a Retail Fraud / Shoplifting charge?

Know your rights! You have the right to remain silent and request an attorney. Never speak to police without a lawyer present.

Can you beat a Retail Fraud / Shoplifting Charge?

There are several defenses for retail fraud / shoplifting charges that can result in either the charge being reduced or dismissed.  An experienced Michigan Retail Fraud Attorney will investigate all evidence of the case to build a defense.

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