Macomb County Criminal
Defense Trial Attorney

Macomb County Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

Hiring a Macomb County Criminal Defense Trial Attorney should be taken as serious as the crime you are being charged with.

Attorney Joseph Arnone is the Macomb County Criminal Defense Trial Attorney you want by your side should your case proceed to trial.

The Arnone Law Team works hard to protect their client’s rights and advocates for the best possible outcome. They understand the impact a criminal conviction can have on an individual’s life, employment, family, and future. Each case is handled with the focused attention that it deserves until the very end. This sometimes means that the Arnone Law team must take a case all the way to trial to continue the fight for their client.

Macomb County Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

Criminal Defense Trial

A criminal defense trial involves extensive preparation that begins from the moment a client is charged. Not all cases proceed to trial, but sometimes it is necessary to fight a charge to the very end.

There are several stages of trial preparation. The Arnone Law Team does not wait until it is imminent that a case will proceed to trial to begin trial preparation. From the beginning of their retention, they gather police reports, evidence, and witnesses to build the strength of a defense. Experts such as such as forensic scientists, psychologists, medical doctors, and lab technicians will also be consulted when necessary.

Once all evidence is gathered, Attorney Joseph Arnone will explain to his client his observations and recommendations. He will advise his client based on experience and strategy whether proceeding to trial is his professional recommendation.

Hire an experienced Macomb County Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

Attorney Joseph Arnone is a top-rated Michigan criminal defense attorney with over a decade of experience defending clients charged with both federal and state prosecuted criminal offenses.

Attorney Arnone and the Arnone Law Team have appeared dozens of times in news articles and in news stories both local and nationally. They have extensive experience handling cases from less serious misdemeanor cases to high profile federal cases.

Why Choose the Arnone Law Team
to Represent You in Your Criminal Case?

The Arnone Law Team is well known in Macomb County and surrounding courts for their incomparable reputation with clients. Most of Arnone Law Team’s phone calls are from individuals who were referred to their firm from former or current clients. Satisfaction in legal representation can’t be bought with marketing dollars. The Arnone Law Team does not need to advertise fancy legal slogans on billboards to attract clients.

The Arnone Team is a powerhouse legal team.

They take only limited cases and they commit themselves to each case and client that they accept. No stone remains unturned as they investigate and build a defense.

Attorney Joseph Arnone has practiced in district, circuit, and federal courts defending cases from misdemeanors to murder. And when it comes to high profile crimes, he sees the challenge, meets it, and exceeds all expectations that the client may have.

Why Joseph Arnone 
Why Joseph Arnone


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