What Are High Profile Criminal Cases?

A high profile case is one that attracts the attention of the media whether it’s because the individual charged with the crime is a public figure or because of the seriousness of the crime committed.

High Profile Criminal Cases Complexity

Once high profile criminal cases get the media attention, the person charged with the crime has to face additional hardships in defending their case. Not only are they being essentially assumed guilty before proven innocent by the public, they are being used as an example by law enforcement, judges, and prosecutors.

Prosecuting attorneys may feel the pressure to work a case excessively so as not to look inadequate. Law enforcement may use tactics to garner evidence and violate an individual’s rights for the sake of covering up any mishandling by their department. But most importantly, if an individual is found guilty of the crime for which they are charged, Judges may impose maximum sentences to appeal to the public and politicians who have elected them into their seats.


The Attorney’s Role in High Profile Criminal Cases

When it comes to a criminal defense attorney’s role in high profile criminal cases, being a competent attorney is simply not enough.

Once a criminal defense attorney’s appearance is entered on a defendant’s behalf, the media turns its attention to that attorney for statements. The public, who may already feel that the defendant is guilty, may form a distaste for the attorney on the case. The judge will also rely upon the attorney’s professional reputation when considering requests to the court on the defendant’s behalf.

The attorney handling the case must not only be an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney, he must also know how to gracefully handle the press and make statements that will have a positive impact on the public. The attorney must also hold a reputation with the courts and judges of being an attorney willing to fight for their client’s rights all while remaining humbled and respectful.

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Why Joseph Arnone 
Why Joseph Arnone


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